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Tuesday, 10 April 2007



Sue, thanks for sharing your sayings - a cultural difference not only within your country but within our common language. You are reminding me of some of my mother-in-laws saying...she grew up in County Durham.


Hi Michelle - as well as having cultural differences between countries, we even have them between neighbouring towns! I always find it fascinating how dialects can differ so much within such small areas ... VIVE LA DIFFERENCE! lol

Crafty Green Poet

This brought back a lot of memories, luckily I have enough Scots now that I won't just be duplicating you when I do the Crusade!


Hi Crafty Green Poet - are you originally from Lanky?


Love all your great sayings, would love to hear someone with the accent say them to me!

Crafty Green Poet

Well I'm originally from Worsley, which was Lancashire when I was born but is now part of Greater Manchester. I've linked to your post directly from mine.


Hi Carlene - you probably wouldn't understand a word I say! lol

Crafty GP - I don't accept that I'm in GM and will always be a Lanky Lass!


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