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Sunday, 29 July 2007


Susan Tuttle

Hiya Chuck!!!
You've been on my mind--it was so great to see you over at my blog--thanks so much for the comment my friend!

Your pics of the old mill are stunning!!! I especially like the rooftop one. Did you alter the photos in Photoshop, or a similar program? They are awesome!

Big Hugs to You!!!

leighanna light

Wow Chuck, I just love that first photo, keep taking those arty farty photos!

Joanne Huffman

Very cool photos! You have a gift for "arty farty."

Sue Berry

Thanx for your comments ladies! I use an old, very basic image editing programme called MGI Photosuite - one of these days I'll upgrade to 21st century software!


What awesome photo's!


Looks like a cool place. I love photo excurtions like that. I've posted about art places too now!

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