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Saturday, 02 August 2008



I see I just happened by your blog to read about the best day in your life....
Thanks for the morning giggles!

Joanne Huffman

Holy Cow! I hope you end up loving the shower room. I wish I could come visit and see the end results.


Karen Owen

Oh my gosh! He was sitting on your shoe! Your story reminds me of one of the old cartoons like Tom and Jerry. Very funny. Sorry about all the problems, though.



Only you, Sue! I know you didn't mean for it to be funny but it was! Surely you'll enjoy that new room eventually. What fun reading you made for us this morning! Hope your Sum Memories comes soon so you can see how gorgeously wonderful that article of yours is.

Kathy Wasilewski

Sue..this is the funniest thing that I've read in a long time! You have such a gift for writing! I got a good visualization of the whole ordeal!!

Sue Berry

Thanx everyone for dropping by - I must say, this has to be the funniest thing to happen to me for a while and with all the bathroom problems I certainly needed a good chuckle! Big hugs to all ...

Jen crossley

Oh Sue its good to see you can have a sence of humour through it all
PS Have missed your blog


I heard somewhere that you get fewer wrinkles by smiling rather than frowning! lol I'm currently on frog patrol as one sneaked into the garage a few days ago and as far as I know hasn't come out! Hugs, Sue x

Lawrence Cooks

That is such a hassle. All of those twists and turns just for a small little rodent. I understand you, man. When we decided to remodel our house in Minnesota, we've found some stuff under the sofas, too. We assume that it's the treasure our cat, Salem, hides. Anyway, I wish you can post new blogs again soon. =(

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